Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another scorcher and a goal

Wow folks. In case you have not been keeping up with Alabama weather, we are setting records every day. We hit 105 in the B'ham area and if I'm correct that is the hottest day on record for this date AND is 9 days in a row over 100 degrees, another record. We have not been getting any rain either. The trees are going dormant and starting to drop leaves. It's amazing to drive down the road and see all the brown trees. The grass is also going dormant due to lack of rain. My lawn which is usually a very nice green and cut to a very nice height looks like it is January. The bermuda which normally thrives on the heat is turning brown. This is a very tough summer. I hope things break soon.

Yes, I am running in this heat. I am crazy, I know. Crazier is Susan . . . she has decided that she wants to do a marathon on New Years Day. Of course I have to run it with her. It will be her first and I know that she'll be needing the support and advice. She's the kind that will definitely run her race in the first 18 miles and suffer the last 8. I'm planning on running it with her to help keep her in check. She has not set a goal yet but it is too early to start thinking about time. Personally, a 5 hour first marathon isn't a bad goal but we'll see what she thinks.

I ran 4 miles tonight after work. I worked over so I got a late start and it had cooled off some. Like 98 degrees. I felt better when I finished because it had cooled to 97. I'm still running without a watch. I am not running fast but at least I'm doing it. I do feel good about running Sunday, Monday, and today. I'll try to get a Friday run in and get back on a 4 day a week schedule.

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Ashville said...

What can we say, the determination of all of you runners is awesome.
A little crazy in this heat, but awe inspiring but not motivating for Ashville--sorry, so we will be inspired and salute you but we will not join you. Cheers..