Thursday, August 23, 2007

too stinking hot

Just a quick update. IT IS HOT IN ALABAMA. I know it's not like AZ but yesterday was the 13th day in August where we've gone over 100. A new record and it appears that we're going to have another week's worth of the same. Very tough to run in.

Having completed my whining . . . . I ran 4 miles yesterday afternoon after work. I waited for it to cool off to 99 degrees. I cannot believe that I'm running in this kind of heat but I just don't like running in the morning. I can't get cooled off and I sit in the office and sweat all morning. I guess I haven't had a heat stroke yet so I guess I can keep it up for another few weeks.

Amy "introduced" me to another blogger that lives here in B'ham. Hello to Christy and her hubby Miles. Christy is a marathon veteran and Miles is a cyclist. I'll be putting up a link to her blog over the next day or two. Welcome aboard!

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