Monday, August 20, 2007


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine didn't go exactly as planned but I survived. Seems strange how that happens. Just when you think the ship is righted and on course, the great white whale (no, I am not discussing my belly) rises from the depths and sets the ship off course.

Not a lot to brag about on the running front. I had planned a Saturday morning and a Sunday afternoon run. I only got in the Saturday morning run. Not far . . . just 4 miles. It was warm and humid but there was a very nice breeze blowing.I would have liked to have gone further but several issues were pressing. I had to work. I made the mistake of beginning my new job in the middle of their crisis. Additionally, Susan and I got into a bit of a brew ha ha and I found that very distracting also. In a 12 hour span we had gone from planning on running a marathon together to trying to decide if we were going to speak again. An awfully silly way for a 47 year old man and a 29 (always the correct answer) woman to behave. We've both decided it wasn't worth sacrificing our friendship and relationship just to win the battle. Besides, there's the entire war to be fought and I hope that we are on the same side.

Sunday I went to my parents house for breakfast. Yes, I skipped church and had decided not to see Susan. I took my neighbors, Jim and Karen and another couple who happen to be friends, Randy and Martha. My parents are the greatest. They would fix breakfast for an army if I asked. I mean a KILLER breakfast. Eggs, sausage, two types of bacon, cat-head biscuits (you have to be from the south to understand that one), hash browns, gravy, fruit. You name it, they either had it on the table or it was within arms length. After a couple of hours of gorging and socializing, we loaded up and headed back home and I don't believe anyone ate anything else the rest of the day. I felt so stuffed that I decided not to run on the chance that I might be showing my neighbors what a semi-digested "cat-head" biscuit would look like.

I did call Susan and she and girls came over and we went out to dinner. I think we're heading back on the right direction.

I am about to sit down with a calendar and the Higdon Novice plan and figure out Susan's schedule for her marathon. I'll markup a calendar for the days remaining. I'll also mark one up for myself but I'll be putting in more miles and some added speed work. I am not going to run off and leave her, but I want to be strong enough to make sure that I help her through.


Amy said...

Like the new colors!

Tell your parents that we'll be in the B'ham area in February for the Mercedes Half and we would love to join them for breakfast :) haha.

By the way, haven't you figured out that all the bad stuff that has happened over the last few weeks gets blamed on the hot weather???

Ashville said...

Glad to hear everything is fine between you and Susan..We enjoyed having you and your friends up for breakfast. Hope they enjoyed it.
Love Ashville

K and J said...

First time I've read this in a while! Glad things are better with you and Susan. Breakfast yesterday was great! Ashville - you make us feel so at home and welcome. We love spending time with you! K and J