Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rainy Tuesday

Just a quick post tonight.

It was a rainy afternoon and was not going to let up for me to get my run in after work. I really need to stick to my schedule and improve and increase. Since I have plans for Wed after work, I either had to lose ground on my training or run in the rain. Can you guess which I chose?

2 1/2 mile warm up

4 hill repeats (4 x 0.2) totaling .8 miles up and .8 miles down

1 miles cooldown.

Very wet and mid 60s. My legs were a little sore but I managed to get it done. Nothing to brag about but I got my miles in.

good night!


Anonymous said...

Have a happy, happy birthday Susan.

Susan (Jimmy's Aunt)

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, Ashville, and Dawn

Thank you for you birthday notes. I had a very nice birthday and I feel very thankful that Jim is in my life to share it with me.


Anonymous said...

Susan, you just won our hearts, thank you for being there for Jim.
Love Ashville

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Susan ... certainly hope you took her out and showed her a good time.

Nice to see you out and running regularly. I'd still like to see you doing longer runs on the weekends (do them early before Susan - or anyone else - is awake). The long slow runs will really help you overcome those sore muscles.

Good luck.