Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mid-week update

I'm sitting here catchin up on my TIVO of Boston Legal. I don't do much TV but I do like this one show-so I Tivo it. I am also doing laundry, paying bills, multi-tasking as it were.

I'd like to say welcome back to Phil. He had taken a haitus and his running advice and advice on life it much appreciated. He helped me get through this tough year, including a PR marathon in Cincinnatti and a blossoming relationship with Susan. Thanks, Phil.

Okay . . . . running. Besides life, death, and salvation, running is right up there in the top five things in life.

Monday night I thought I'd be able to fly through a recovery run. However, once out there, I just let my body tell me what pace to run. I didn't time it but I do know that it wasn't that fast, but that's okay. It was a recovery run. 5 miles in cold, windy weather. I actually wore long sleeves, vest, thin gloves, and head band to cover my ears. It was high 30's and dark when I started and the temp dropped 4 degress in the time it took me to run 5 miles. I know that it is not really that cold but something about the dark and wind that makes it feel colder.

Tonight I ran a 6 miler. I was needing a confidence booster. Didn't exactly get that done but it was a good workout. First mile was 9 minute pace. I then proceeded to take about 10 seconds off each mile thereafter except for the last mile which I used to cooldown. I saw Dom doing his hills and sprints. No way I was going with him!

Just a few weeks until Christmas. I hope everyone is being good!

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Anonymous said...

Short, an apology to all of you runners, from someone who doesn't run, but do admire your goals and determination--I am not a runner nor blogger but am definitely a blabber but a determined one and so Hamlin, apologies to you and your running friends. And merry Xmas to all and may you each run like the wind.