Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recovery Monday

Yes, I am blogging from the office. No, this is not good but this is a quick one.

BTW, welcome to a new commenter, Courtney (my cousin). Girl, you must lead a pretty boring life to be out here reading my ramblings and rantings about running and life! As long as you're out here, be sure to check some of the links of my buds on the right hand side of the page. Phil is an exceptional writer and is my unofficial priest!

I did five miles last night at Susan's house. I went over for dinner and hit the road while she had taken MA to piano lessons. This was a recovery run but I did put a watch on it. Not fast but faster than previous recovery runs. Average pace of 8:40 per mile.

I want to do hills tonight but it is supposed to be raining pretty hard. I may wait and do my hills on Wednesday night.

Also, be sure to wish Susan a Happy Birthday. Her B'day is Thursday and she does check my blog and comments!


Anonymous said...

oya, i do lead a boring life..just imagine those reading and not even commenting ;)

Ashville said...

And a happy birthday to Susan, be happy and celebrate life...enjoy those kids for they do grow up so quickly. Hey Mr. kid keep running and stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!Just think this could have been on your blog!! Jim what happen to Susan blog!! are you still trying to think of a name!!Nice birthday gift!!