Friday, December 08, 2006

Just a quick one

Hey all. It is a nice cold morning here in B'ham. Mid teens with windchills into single digits. Not a morning to be running. That's why I ran last night when it was a balmy 36 degrees! I actually wore two layers last night . . . what a wimp!

Last night was hill work. I know that Phil thinks I need to work more on base mileage but I think I'm doing okay with a little hill work.

2 1/2 miles warm up. I started off with a slow pace but increased to my speed to somewhere under 9 minute pace. The warm up did what is was supposed to do . . . got me sweating and let the legs get loose.

4 hill repeats. 0.2 miles on the hill. Like last week, I didn't put a watch on it. Instead I am merely working on form and consistency. I am also trying to alter my hilling style. I normally try to keep my stride and power up the hills which works when I'm in super great shape. However, I am back to building phase so I am working on shorter strides and higher turnover rate. I may use the style throughout my training. It seems to work.

1 mile cooldown. Literally. After the hills, I pulled off my wind shell since I was burning up from the hill repeats. Between running into the wind and only having on one layer, I quickly cooled off but my legs felt strong and I could have done another couple of miles! I guess I'll bump next weeks hill repeats up to 5 or 6 repeats.

Planning on 12 this Saturday. Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, be sure to go to Shane's blog (Running in the Deep South) to read about his story of his first marathon. Congratulations Shane!


Phil said...

I've got nothing against hill work .. it is a lot of fun; but I also want to see you getting in some serious mileage. When you are running 14 to 20 miles at least once a week with a 17+ miler at least once every two weeks, you'll be certain to feel pretty good during you next distance race.

Good luck.

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