Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday and COLD

I know that I need not whine about the weather. Heck, here in Alabama we really don't have it too bad in the winter but I still hate to walk out in the morning to 25 degrees and 10-20 mph wind (windchill 16). Not fun. I am already trying to decide if I need to wear something with sleeves when I run tonight.

I had a really good run Saturday afternoon. Saturday was a cold, windy day. It was sunny so that helped with the mental aspect. Susan and I did the Lakeshore trail starting about 1:00. The temp was in the low 50s at this time and that was warm compared to earlier that morning. I am still trying to help get Susan motivated and ready to run the Mercedes half-marathon in February here in B'ham. Not sure how good a job I am doing. Anyway . . . we ran the first 5.1 miles together. I let Susan set the pace which was somewhere around 10:30 miles, give or take. We enjoy the running together but we tend to chat and laugh and not really focus on training. We need to work on that! I ran the second 5.1 mile loop by myself. Susan was only going to do a couple of more miles so I took off with her blessing. I did the 2.51 "out" portion dead on a 9 minute pace. The return was into the wind but I was feeling good and picked it up just a little bit. I ended up running back in just under 22 minutes which puts me at about an 8:40 pace. I know that it is not fast but it did feel good to push it a little.

I am working on bumping my mileage up a little over the next several weeks. I still can't figure out what the deal was last week. You know . . . being sore and hurting. Just one of those things, I guess. I felt great this weekend and look forward to a nice week of running.

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Phil said...

I realize you have the Mercedes half-marathon on your plate in 9 weeks, but I'm a little concerned that you're going to get injured trying to cram too much training between now and then. I see you running relatively short distances and pushing the pace at the end. (running 7 minute miles after a 10K, pushing the last 5 miles of a 10 miler, etc) This feels good, but can lead to serious hamstring or calf problems.

I suggest that you focus on increasing your weekly mileage back up to the 40 - 50 mile range over the next 6 weeks and especially focus on getting your comfortable long runs back over 17 miles. You can throw in a 5 to 8 mile LT run every other week or so to test your stamina. Once you get your weekly mileage back up, you can start working hills and intervals with far less risk of injury.

This strategy will also put you in a good position to run the Mercedes half-marathon very well ... heck, you might even PR