Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday night

Hey all. It is Thursday night. Survivor is over and ER is about to come on, so I am doing a quick update.

My legs and back have been hurting the last couple of days. Might be from the miles that piled up over the last week or my back is just out of whack. We'll know eventually.

Wednesday night I did 4 miles. No watch. Legs were very sore. Hip was huring too. My right calf has also been giving me a bit of a problem this week. Everything has felt sort of out of whack.

Tonight I started back to doing my hill work. I warmed up with 2 1/2 miles. the 1st 1 1/4 was very slow, just working out the kinks. The second 1 1/4 was a little faster. Then I tackled the hill. The same hill I used earlier this year to help train my for my successful PR marathon. Might as well repeat the training from before, right? Starting slow, of course.
4 hill repeats. The hill is about .2 miles and pretty steep. I meant to get exact distance and grade last year but still have not done it. That is my assignment over the next week. I will be reporting mileage and grade. You know us engineering types . . . have to quantify everyting. Anyway, I ran it without a watch. Since I am just getting back to starting my hill work there is no need to have any added pressure. Just working on form and consistent speed. Did a cooldown of 1/2 mile. I also did an upper body workout with light weights.

I have to get back into shape!


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, where are you? Give out with some advice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has to do with this crazy weather? Just a thought. Hope you have a great weekend!