Wednesday, November 29, 2006

way behind

The bad thing about 4 day holiday weekends is that I get sort of lazy. How about you? I don't check email, I don't pay bills, I just put life on hold. Except for running and laundry. I have to run and I like to wear clean underwear so the running and laundry must go on!

Running report:

Thursday morning (Thanksgiving)-
I had decided to run the Monclair Run 10k (our local annual turkey trot). I knew I was going to be doing more running over the four days so I decide to not really push the pace. It was a nice sunny morning and the race started at 8:30 so the weather was nice . . . about 50 degrees. I always get a chuckle when I look at the folks wearing sweat shirts, sweat pants, and jackets. They don't have a clue and it always shows about mile 2 when they are all tying clothing around their waists. I was shorts, singlet and then gloves (which I tucked in my waistband before the first mile was over). The course has a couple of small hills but enough to effect pace. My fastest mile was dead on 8 minute pace and my slowest mile was 8:45. My average pace was 8:28. Slow for a 10k but like I said . . . I was not racing it. Afterwards, Susan and her two girls, MA and E, showed up to run the 1 mile fun run which is run AFTER the 10k. MA asked me to run with her since she was wanting to run faster. Susan ran with E and I agreed to run with MA. As we walked to the starting area, MA asked if we could run a 9 minute mile. "Sure" I said, knowing full well the 9 minute mile is a piece of cake. Then MA asked if we could run an 8 minute mile. "Hmmmmm . . . . I just ran 6.2 miles but I didn't push it. We should be able to do that!" I said confidently to a 10 year old girl, thinking that there is no way she could do that. THEN she asked if we could run a 7 minute mile. "Wow! You're awfully brave to be so short!" I chuckled, know that there is no way she can do it. We toed the line and took off at a pretty good clip. MA and I left Susan and E behind us. I was having to remind MA to breathe slow and deep (she has a little asthma). I knew we were running pretty hard but I was letting her set the pace. As we approached the turn around point (1/2 mile) I noticed that there were only maybe a dozen people in front of us. We hit the turn around point in 3:15. I'm thinking to myself "we cannot keep up this pace, either MA or I will pass out!". However, I did not share my feelings with MA. Instead, I kept encouraging her and cheering her on, staying slightly behind off her right shoulder. As we approached the finish area, 4 spectators (big cow people) stepped off the curb and into the chute area! Can you believe it? We had to come to a dead stop. I yelled (sort of) at the people who didn't have a clue what they had just done. We worked our way around them and ran on to the finish live. 7:06 mile. That is a pretty good mile for me and I'm sure it was a good workout for MA. I figure we would have broken 7 minute mile if the cow people had not stepped in our path. I assured MA that she would have run about a 6:55 . . . Nothing like the grin of a cute 10 year girl! Susan and E surprised MA and me. We back tracked to watch them finish. I told MA that they would probably be running 10-10 1/2 minute mile. We saw them quicker than I had expected and they clocked a 9 1/2 minute mile. Not a problem for Susan but pretty good for E who is 6 years old and would prefer to look at the bugs along the way than to bear down on a one mile run!

Friday afternoon-
We had every intention of doing a 10 miler on Lakeshore trail. It was a pretty afternoon but the legs and back were a little sore from Thursday's run. We did a slightly longer loop so our round trip was between 5 1/2 and 6 miles. We decided to call it quits when we got back to the car. My legs just were not moving that well and the back was a little bit tight. Still, we had a good time and it was some mileage to add to the week.

Off! Rested. We did do some hiking. We took the girls to my parents house for brunch and then walked in the woods for a little while. Then we went to Blount county for a self-guided tour of covered bridges and a side trip to a local park that sits on top of a rock outcropping on top of a mountain. Very pretty and scenic and we saw rock climbers and rapellers (sp?). A good day to just walk around and knock the spider webs off my legs.

Sunday afternoon-
After church, we loaded up in the truck and went to kill a Christmas tree for Susan. After about an hour of walking through hundreds of evergreens, the girls picked a tree. We cut it down, had it loaded and took it to Susan's house. I helped them put it up and decorate it. I have to admit it was sort of strange . . . I have decided that I was not going to do anything at my house. Not really in the mood. Anyway, after the tree lighting ceremony, we decided to go out for a few miles. MA wanted to run and bike with me and E went with Susan. Susan has a 1 mile loop in her neighborhood the circles by her house . . . very convenient. I ran four miles. MA biked mile 1 and 3 and ran miles 2 and 4. The biggest thrill was when MA and I caught E and Susan. We were starting our fourth loop and caught them on their third loop! It was all I could do to keep MA in check when we spotted them a block away. I convinced her that we would catch them and got her to slow down a bit. We passed them and headed to the house. MA enjoyed standing in the driveway and asking her mom "where have you been?". A fun afternoon.

Monday night-
Legs are still a little sore but I know that I have to get some miles in. I got started a little later than normal so it was almost dark when I walked out the door. I had planned on 5 miles slow but I ran into Dom "The Dominator" doing is recovery run. He is training like a mad man right now and he was needing some rest so we ran some very slow loops in the 9:15 avg range. I got six miles in and it seemed to help work the soreness out of my legs.

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