Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You are correct

Phil's comments are correct. And I have sort of planned to do some shorter races. I am doing our Turkey Day Run 10k here in B'ham next week. We also have a club year end half-marathon that I'm planning on doing. I am also going to do the half in the Mercedes scheduled in Feb here in B'ham. I guess the only way to be successful is to repeat what made me successful last year. I am going to do the slow buildup. I have proven to myself and the world that I cannot just pick it up on a 12 or 16 week plan. I figure if I'm able to do 10s and 12s right now, I should be in good shape by April. Nashville Music City Marathon????

Last night I had a pretty nice run. I ran a couple of miles solo and my buddy Chip joined me. He was doing a 10 miler (his marathon is a couple of weeks away) and I was doing a 6. It was nice to have the company and we discussed everything from work, his daughter's sweep of all the first place medals at last weeks gymnastic meet, and Susan's daughter MA and her soccer career.

We continuously picked up the pace and it felt pretty good. Lap 4 was slightly slower-Chip thought we were on the way to a 10 minute lap so we slowed a little bit.

Here's the run-
lap 1 (1.2 miles): 10:55 9: 06 mile This was a warm up.
lap 2 (1.2 miles): 10:34 8:49 mile
lap 3 (1.2 miles): 10:18 8:35 mile
lap 4 (1.2 miles): 10:21 8:37 mile
lap 5 (1.2 miles): 10:07 8:26 mile

8:42.5 avg pace.
Nothing spectacular but I am starting to see an improving trend

As mentioned earlier, I have let my weight slip up and the Fat Man is catching me again. I have allowed myself to slip from a nice comfortable 34 pant size back into my old 36 (thank goodness I kept a few pair laying aroung). This is embarrassing and I expect you to hold me accountable!

Here's the FATMAN watch: 197.6 this morning.


Anonymous said...

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Phil said...

Running sub 8:30 miles at 197 lbs is no small challenge; however, I'd suggest that you set a lower weight target for yourself (say 175) and combine the increased mileage you'll be doing getting ready for the 1/2 to facilitate getting the weight off. This may take 6 months to accomplish, but you’ll feel fabulous and your endurance will go through the roof. I’m 6’ and went from 210 to 170 (size 38 waist to a size 32) . It wasn’t until I got my weight under 180 that I really felt I could run none stop for hours on end without injury. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I agree with Phil, although I know exactly where you are coming from. I have never been particularly overweight, but I still believe that I have 20 pounds of extra...resistance...that I would like to get rid of. It is a difficult line to walk because you need to keep your energy up but not eat too much. I'll let you know as soon as I get it figured out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hamlin--life is what it is and what you make of it--so enjoying good food makes for pounds and so that is why they make bigger sizes-O yes, all you skinny runners will have a flying fit about that state-ment and probably have nothing better to do! Okay, so I am now your enemy but I have been there and done that and it all ends the same; but then you are all probably under 50 years of age (might be a few exceptions, but I doubt it). Okay, you don't have to listen to me, Jimmy doesn't, but that is okay--Life will tell--experience will prove and thats all folks.

Anonymous said...

Hamlin were you running at Lakeshore on Sunday.
The Enormous One

Phil said...

Dear Anonymous ... With due respect to your comment, I'm older than Jim, over 50 and eat and drink like a horse. I'm also a native born Southerner, so I know all about good food and know that Jim can have it all. His already a very good runner ... and I can only imagine what he is capable of if he got his weight down to the 170 lb range. Trust me, there is a world of difference between running at 197 and running at 170. Once we get his weight down, he'll be burning through 2000+ calories on his medium-long runs (10-17 miles) and won't be able to keep the weight on while he is enjoying the good life. This is what he deserves.

Also ... perhaps you should think about coming out from behind that clock of anonymity.