Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to work . . .

in more ways than one!

Back from the beach and back to my job. I love my job-it keeps me from having to live under the interstate bridge. It puts food on my table or more accurately, in my ever expanding belly. It lets me enjoy these trips and outings that I enjoy going on. I will not complain about my job. I've been here 25 years. I guess it is like the TV show survivor . . . "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast".

Oh yeah. Back to work in my running too. The good run I had Saturday while at the beach sort of inspired me. I was needing that. I ran a decent 5 miler Monday night. I didn't see any of my running chums. However, I did see Shelly for a few minutes. I stopped and chatted with her to get the latest. She is starting her training for the Nashville Music City Half. I have been thinking about this race and may have to study up on it. Susan has also expressed interest in this on. Anyone else out there familiar with this race? Any feedback would be appreciated.

On another note, here are several items of interest:
Starting next week expect a new look to this site. I am not changing the website but I am going to be changing the content. As much as I enjoy telling the tales of my life, I am going to get back to more detail in my training. After reviewing the months of blogging leading up to my successful marathon this past spring, I realize that this is an effective training tool IF USED PROPERLY. I am going to start boring you with details such as splits, distances, times, weather, etc. That is not to say I won't talk about personal things such as dinner, wine, relationships. I am just going to kick things into another gear.

The FATMAN has not only been sneaking up on me, he has jumped on my back and is riding me to the asphalt, face first. I have to get rid of the FATMAN. I am also going to start posting my morning weight. Naked of course. This all has to do with the accountability thing. If I continue having problems with the FATMAN, I may start journaling my meals (a Weight Watchers trick).

I am going to attempt to get Susan started with her own blog. Hey Susan . . . I know you don't want to do it but it is helpful and I am sure that you would quickly build a fan base. Any ideas for a blog name for Susan? Here are several ideas that I had . . .
"Smiles and miles"
"Running Susan"
"Diary of (fill in the blank)"

Ultimately, Susan will have to decide if she wants to dabble in this and she also will decide the blog name. Thanks for any input!

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Phil said...

Good to hear that your getting serious again about your running. Please keep throwing in the other info ... but we do want to hear about splits, aches, pains, etc.

Getting Susan to start her own blog is a good idea. Running Susan is to close to Runner Susan. Just wouldn't do. Think about something unique in your part of the world. She's a big 'bama fan .. combine something about the university with the word susan or running.