Monday, November 13, 2006

Amy . . . be patient!

Yes . . . I am addressing Amy. Her comment about me posting my weight was a cold reminder of the FATMAN over my shoulder. I will be posting it tomorrow.

Here is tonight's workout-

100 situps
5 mile run. This was a recovery run for me. Average 9:00 pace.
Worked out. Light weights.

I have decided to can Huntsville (Rocket City) marathon. As you know, marathoning is all about mind, body, and spirit all coming together in a crescendo. My spirit says "go ahead . . . you can run it in survival mode". The body says "maybe we can give it a try but it might hurt". Fortunately, I am a GLASS IS HALF EMPTY kind of guy. That means the mind has analyzed what the spirit and body are trying to conspire. The mind knows better and will not let it happen. There are many more marathons and I want to do well like I did this past spring. I'll be thinking about it and inform you later what I decide.

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Phil said...

Have you thought about running a few shorter races to get back into the swing of things? Your trying to jump from one Marathon attempt to the next without a lot of success. Part of the joy of running is seeing improvement. You might want to get in few 10Ks and 1/2 marathons ... get your focus back so you can start putting in the serious mileage needed to improve on your great marathon performance at the Flying Pig.