Monday, November 13, 2006

Chilly weekend

I know, I know . . . I live in Alabama and we really don't get cold weather here. However, when you go from 80 degrees to low 40s in a days time, it seems chilly. Especially when the when is blowing 15-20 mph day and night. Actually, I have no clue why I am rambling on about the weather. Maybe it is just the fact that there was frost on the grass this morning.

Let's see . . . . Thursday I ran a short quick 4 miler. That was about all I wanted to do. I was still a little zonked from the quick trip to Vidalia. I was out of bed at 4:30 am and the plane was on the way to Vidalia at 6:00. Spent a full day at the plant in meetings and a couple of walkdowns. For those who are not familiar with the term "walk down" let me clarify. When we design engineering types need to gather information for our design work we sometimes need to gather this information directly from the field (plant site). Not all the information we need is shown on drawings so we have to go to those specific areas in the plant to perform a walk down (take photos, measurements, data gathering). Sometimes these areas are easily accessible . . . sometimes not. Thursday's work was in areas not so easily accessed . . . lots of climbing, changing clothes etc. Bottom line is that it was a long day. 4 miles was enough after a full day of steel toed boots and lots of walking.

Saturday morning was a little bit misty and windy but it was 70 degrees when I started my run. I was wanting to do 12 but I overslept and was pushed for time so I cut it short at 10.8 miles. It was a bit of a slow and sluggish run. Not sure why but there it is. I averaged a 9:10 pace. I was a little disappointed but I did get the run in. Maybe it was the fact that I was still dragging a bit and had lots on my mind. Sometimes I just can't run as well when I'm distracted. Though I averaged 9:10 pace overall, I consistently sped up throughout the run. I guess this coincided with the drop in the temperature. The temp dropped about 12 degrees in 99 minutes. Strange run . . . I started off slow and sweating like a pig but after the first few miles, I started speeding up and stopped sweating so much. Go figure.


Amy said...

Glad to hear your trip was so nice...and that you are getting your groove back, as far as running posts. I find it very motivating to post about my running and read posts about everyone elses running.

Okay, just holding you accountable...didn't you say you were going to post your weight? Just trying to help you out friend!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Low 40's during the really bad months here I would kill for that!! a day off probally will do you good!!! sound like you are still tired from you trip