Friday, July 14, 2006

TGIF . . . you know what it means!

Today has started off much better than the last couple of days. Yes, thank GOD it's Friday! Nothing like a full week of work to make you appreciate those short holiday weeks and vacation days. I think this is the first full week I've put in in almost a month. I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not an exterminator!

Thank you to everyone for your support. I am sorry that I did not trust my friends and family. And yes, as weird as it sounds, my blog readers are my friends as well. Amy, thanks for the words. AND IT WAS HOT. Maybe not as bad as Macon in July but what's a couple of degrees when you're near 100? Phil . . . you are a very astute man. I was blown away by your comments. You have read between every word in every line with such clarity it is scary. Are you a priest?!!!! Ashville (my mom and dad) . . . hope all is well at home and hope you're enjoying the birthday gifts I brought up Sunday. Thanks for your support as well. Enough mushy feely girl talk . . . this is about RUNNING, BIKING, and getting FAT!

Yes, I said FAT. The FATMAN that was chasing me has slightly closed the gap. I've gained about 5 pounds since Cincinnati marathon two months ago. I realize that I have to slam on the brakes and get the ship turned around. Now that I am concentrating on the fall marathon schedule, I should be able to keep him somewhat at bay.

I ran a 4 miler yesterday right after work. 97 degrees with heat index of 102. It was a very slow death march more than a run. I hate to run with a water bottle but I did yesterday. I would have waited for it cool off some but Susan and I were going over to some friend's house for a cookout and I needed to get some kind of miles in.

Let me ask you something disgusting. . . Am I the only person in the world who can stand in the shower and still be sweating??? Please, someone tell me that it is not just me!

50 mile bike ride tomorrow. I may have to throw a watermelon in the cooler for post ride snack!


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Head down to the beach ASAP!
There's gonna be a party going all weekend
With Polenisian Polly and her Parrot Head friends...

Sorry, am I the only Lonestar fan?

ashville said...

Everyone needs a friend like Phil!

Firefly's Running said...

Watermelon is an AWESOME snack. Yummy!

Karen said...

I'm not as timely as some others but I did respond to your earlier post. I'm not sure it it came out the way I wanted it to come out. In short, (no pun intended) we're behind you 100%. Please don't lose faith in how we feel about you. We're here for the long haul, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

sweating in the shower--turn the water on--that helps!

Phil said...

Jim, I’m well acquainted with problem of sweating through a shower. It usually happens when you’re rushing through a long run on a hot afternoon and trying to cool down fast before some big event. This usually happens when your significant other is depending on you to be cleaned up and ready to go out and you know that you’re cutting it close. But you’re a guy … so you’ve got the situation under control.

However, after the run, you walk into the cool house and every pore on your body becomes a mini-fountain. You jump in the shower (thinking to yourself ... yes, I can get ready in 10 minutes), but discover that there isn't near enough water on the planet to douse your internal furnace. You jump out of the shower and towel dry. While you're struggling to button your shirt, the beads of sweat start up along your forehead and your back starts to get moist … oh crap, how am I going to make this work. With your hair still wet (you tell her it’s water) you rush to the car to make the event and hope that the car’s air-conditioner and three pounds of deodorant you used will save your sorry butt.

I don't know what to do about this problem. A guy has got to get in a workout (a women on the other hand is sensible enough to complete her workout well before she needs to get dressed). I think this is a guy thing.

By the way, I am not a priest, but thank you for the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

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