Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday evening

It is 8:00 and all is quiet around here. As I posted earlier this morning, I had a gaggle of folks over for dinner. Actually, it is my family group . . . my church does the small group thing on Sunday nights and I volunteered my house for today. I stayed busy all day today cleaning house, doing laundry, getting the meal ready. I even took time out to go do a 4 mile run this afternoon.

Everything went well. We had a good bible lesson as we try to explore an indescribable God. Why do we want to put our human limitations on Him? I have to admit that I have been having more than usual problems dealing with Him the last few months. Thank goodness He is merciful!

Thanks again to all my friends who have been posting comments regarding me exploring a new life. Thanks for your comments regarding Susan. I am still plain old Jim. I am still here. And yes, there are changes in my life as there will always be changes in all our lives.

I also got a couple of phone calls today that were very helpful. Thank you Loretta and Memie.

All in all today was a pretty good day. I am starting to ramp up my training and I promise that all this mushy girl talk will be replaced by things like "long run", "hill workout", "fartlek". I know you can't wait! BTW . . . I am picking up a set of aerobars for my bike tomorrow!

I will be running the Mercedes half-marathon in Feb if I survive all my other antics. I will be running again to raise money for the Bell Center here in Birmingham and I will be posting more info about that later. I am planning on running with Susan who has already signed up to do the half. Maybe I can convince her to run the full marathon . . . Susan, are you listening????


Anonymous said...

Glad your dinner went well. You are right, God is indescribable but He is always right.You are on the right track, just keep on looking ahead for thats where the future is. Proud of you and all you do.

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