Monday, July 10, 2006

Another week

Good evening to all,
It is Monday night and I'm actually taking time to sit down and post. I know . . . unusual for me. Phil has inspired me to start sharing again.

Saturday morning was beautiful morning. Nice and cool (for Alabama in July) with a little breeze. Our normal Saturday morning bike ride was relocated to a loop north of Birmingham. We had a 50 miler scheduled and 15 souls on board. It was a nice ride though a little hilly. Of course, my computer died so I was just guessing at pace. Unfortunately for my buddy Larry M, he did not eat a proper dinner the night before. And he knows better. After about 35 miles or so he was hurting and lagging so he decided to forego the last rest stop and take a shortcut back to the cars. The shortcut only cut a couple of miles off but it did take the remaining hillwork out. He took off on his while we were at the rest stop. NOT GOOD, NOT SAFE. I took off after him and rode in with him the rest of the way. I know that he really didn't want the attention but I think he appreciated having the company after we got going. Bottom line is that I did somewhere between 45 and 50 miles with the last 10 miles at a slightly slower pace.

Sunday was an interesting day. No work out but it was exhausting! I skipped church to go to church with Susan. And if that wasn't stressful enough, I took Susan to my parents house for lunch. It was my mom's birthday and I had to go see my momma. Needless to say, it was a draining day.

This afternoon was warm . . . low 90s. I got home from work and cut the grass-just to get a sweat worked up. Then I ran 6 miles. I am still running without my watch. I am just wanting to get miles in right now. I was working in the yard right before sundown and Shelley came running by. So I did the obvious thing . . . I jumped back out there and did another 1.2 mile loop with her. Total mileage for the day 7.2. To top that off, I only had a salad for dinner!


Phil said...

Running in 90+ heat with all the humidity in Alabama this time of the year must have been fun. Good thing you mowed the grass first.

There is something very liberating about running without a watch. I always wear my Garmin, but, for the most part, I only use it to log the miles. This allows me to take detours and vary my routes from day to day without having to go out and measure the course.

And congrats for chasing down your friend on your bike ride. Too many of us get so focused on what we want that we forget about the needs of others.

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