Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday night . . . Late

Well it is late for me. It is about 10:30 and Leno is coming on. I have just gotten in from dinner and a night of "girl talk" with several of my friends that I play golf with. Nope . . . no date tonight and that is okay. Tonight was a night to relax after a so-so round of golf. Played 18 holes and started off decently. I shot 44 on the front nine. Not spectacular but not bad considering I've only played once since May. Unfortunately, I was playing just good enough to make me think that I could play even better. You guessed it, I played miserabley on the back nine. Hows a 44-55 sound for a cool 99 sound? pretty sloppy golf. But the main thing is that I had FUN!

I ran 4 miles last night. Just a ho hum run in between thunderstorms. I know I am starting toget back on track when I consider a 4 miler ho-hum, junk miles. I got to thinking about the last couple of weeks and I have really been stepping it up a bit. Since last Saturday (two weeks from tomorrow) I have either run or biked everyday except for last Friday and today. Not great amounts of miles but good workouts, just the same. Tomorrow I am doing a 10 miler. I have checked the calendar and the marathon is quickly slipping on me. I only have 10 weeks from this coming Sunday. I am planning on a 10, a 12, a couple of 15s, a roll back to 10 and then go after 18, 20, 22, 12, marathon. Sounds simple enough but you guys know how tough it is.

BTW . . . . my mom is still curious about my decision. Isn't that just like a mother????
It is nothing earth shattering, mom. The decision is . . . should I tell her or make her wait?
I think she should wait a while longer. Not enough people have asked yet!


Amy said...

So, what's the decision?

And although Troy and I would love to come to B-Ham for the marathon, I will be in lovely Mississipi then, and besides that, with my injury I'm going to be lucky to recover enough to run the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving Day...maybe I'll be ready for the Mercedes in Feb?

Anonymous said...

I'm asking, what is it?

Phil said...

Jim .. we'll know you're back on track when you tell us that you went out for a quick 10 mile run. Getting started is going to be tougher this time around since your starting your build up when it so fricking hot outside, but oh how well you'll be doing as it starts cooling off a bit.

Best of luck on your 10 miler today. Let us know how it went.

curious said...

I'm waiting-----

Anonymous said...

I am waiting also.

Anonymous said...

Your neice is wondering....

My mom and I are coming in September! Be ready for a fantastic lunch date with two lovely girls haha! Love you lots!