Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good bike ride and a decision

Boy, did the day take some wild swings. I was up at 4:00 am . . . just one of those things. I did laundry and paid bills before going into the office! I went home at lunch to let my dog (Kelsey) out to do her business. Yes, though I have not mentioned it, I have a dog. Actually, not my idea . . . it was Mona's idea. So now I have a dog. Honestly though, I do like the little beast . . . she keeps me company and her bathroom manners are probably better than mine! BTW, she is a 13 pound Cairn Terrier and yes, she thinks she's an 80 lb. dog.

Anyway, it was HOT at lunch. Heat index at 106. I was really looking forward to the bike ride and thought about how hot it was going to be. By 3:00 it was storming. Bummer. Big bummer. Started getting calls at work from folks who were bailing on our Wed. ride. CRAP! My afternoon was falling apart. However, by 3:50 Larry M and I made the call to give it a go. We left the office at 4:00 and headed to our normal meeting place. Only "original Jim" was there. We decided to move the ride to a spot where we could make smaller loops just in case we got caught in a thunderstorm.

Guess what . . . no thunderstorms. What a great ride! We just sort of made it up on the roads we know and ended up doing a 35 miler. Since it was only three of us, and all men, we did pretty well. We averaged 18.1 mph! Also, I enjoyed the new aerobars . . . though the bike does handle squirrely with them. It will take me time to get used to them but I had a couple of good pulls in the 24-25 mph range.

I did make a very important decision tonight on the way back from the ride. Something about getting the blood flowing that gets a man to thinking deep thoughts. Are you wondering what it might be??? Stay tuned!!!

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ashville said...

okay, speaking for all the women readers---WHAT? what are the deep thoughts, running, biking, or otherwise? Yes, from your nosey mother! At my age the blood doesn't flow that freely or that often, so I need to know what a rich blood flow brings in--then I might be able to make a decision!