Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Tuesday evening. Laundry going, dinner eaten, posting my run. Does life get any better?

I got home after work and it was lightly sprinkling and thundering so I took about an hour and installed my new aerobars. It took some figuring and dry-fitting but I think I got them installed properly and in a position that I can live with. After I use them for a while, I'll be able to adjust them based on experience. I did run around the block just make sure that the bike won't fall apart. We're supposed to do 35 miles tomorrow night with a couple of good straight runs so I'll see how they work.

After monkeying with my bike, the rain stopped, the sun came out and I decided to get my run in. Why should I have done it while it was raining and cooler. Much more fun to do it with the sun out and the steam coming off the pavement. I was going to run an easy 4 miler as a recovery. After all, I biked 50+ miles Saturday, and ran Sunday and Monday. However, "Animal" (Marc) was standing in his driveway waiting on me. So off we went. I told him that I was running easy and he said "cool" and that he was tired too. You guessed it . . . we started chatting and running and before I knew it we were pounding out a pretty good pace. We ended up doing 5 miles and averaged around 8:25 miles. Not too bad for a hot, humid, steamy run. Starting to feel better about getting back in shape for my marathons.


Phil said...

Jim ... you're doing a great job getting yourself ready to start your training for the fall marathon season. With all your biking experience have you looked to see if anyone is organizing a duathalon in Alabama (run-bike-run). I think you could really rock at one of these events and it might be a good break from your marathon training.

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