Friday, October 20, 2006

Yes, I run too

Just a quick post to update my running this week. Sunday afternoon's run beat me up pretty good, thanks to Patrick. I took Monday off due to the rain . . . thank goodness because my legs were sore! I ran 5 miles on Tuesday but it was still basically a recovery run. I don't wear a heartrate monitor but I could tell whenever I started pushing my pace below 9 minutes I'd start struggling and working way too hard. Very unusual for me but as I said about Sunday, it was a very hard run for me.

Last night I ran another 5 miles. It felt much better and I was running in the 8:40 range. I was wanting to do some hill work but decided I better not since it was pouring down rain and the hill I like to run on has some traffic on it. Didn't want to get hit by someone paying more attention to the rain and wipers than to the road. No sense in putting myself in too much danger! I did enjoy the run in the rain. The temperature was low 70s and the rain made it feel cooler. I actually sped up the entire run with my last loop being my fastest at 8:28 mile. I know that is not fast but it is showing improvement after my layoff with the tendonitis. Oh yeah, the fat man has been chasing and catching me. I've got to start picking up the miles and pushing back from the table!

Scheduled for 12 tomorrow but will be happy to get in the 10 that I ended up missing this past weekend.

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Phil said...

Good to see you getting some miles in Jim. Take it a bit easy on you 12 miler this weekend. Don't worry about pace. It's more important to get in 12 miles at 9:00 than push hard and only complete 10.