Monday, October 23, 2006

SAfely arrived

I am sitting here in Holiday Inn Express ( I guess that makes me an expert???) in Vidalia, GA. The trip was uneventful as usual and got in town around 5:30. Immediately stripped and laced 'em up. I also put on running clothes! The temperature here was pretty cool with a very brisk wind. I did the 5k cross country trail + 9 minutes so I'm sure I got in about 4 miles. That's all I needed for several reasons-

1) it was cold
2) today is a recovery run
3) I had two others waiting on me to go to dinner

Tomorrow will be a long day at the plant and will be spending a lot of time on my feet.

Hope you all have a good week!


Phil said...

Good to see you getting in some "long" runs again. I can just picture you and your friend running along listening to the same game on your earbuds. Some guys sit around at home and watch the game ... others run 10 miles at a sub 9:00/mi pace. I like your way much better.

Have a great time in Vidalia. It's been way to long since I've been there. If you get a chance, take a few pictures and post for those of us that don't get "home" very often.

Amy said...

So are you still in Vidalia??? Would be a great chance for an RBF lunch meetup!