Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday's run

I finally got off my duff and did a short "long run". I had hoped to run it in the morning but after a late evening the night before and a chilly early morning, I decided to sip coffee and piddle around on Saturday morning. I did go to Susan's girls' soccer games but I had plenty of time to run beforehand. I just didn't do it. However, after the games and roofing the doghouse, I headed home to get my run in.

What a beautiful afternoon. The temps never got above 70 and there was a slight breeze. I started my run a little after 4:00 when the shadows were just starting to lengthen. As much as I hate running with a radio, I decided that I would listen to the second half of the Alabama-Tennessee game. This worked out almost perfectly. There was only a minute left in the game when I had finished my run and the game had been decided. Dom joined me after about 2 1/2 miles and said he was wanting to get 8 or 9 miles in. He tuned into the game on his ipod thingy so we just pretty much ran together in silence listening to the game letting out an occassional grunt or chuckle as the game progressed. We ran a pretty nice pace. Nothing fast but enough to let me know I had worked. My average pace was right at 8:55. We did have a few faster miles thrown in in the middle of the run . . . 8:45 pace. This was a very nice run. Thanks for the company Dom!

oh yeah . . . . the distance was 10.8 miles. 9 times around on my 1.2 mile loop.

I'm heading to Vidalia, GA today for work and will hopefully get in a couple of cross country runs while there. Probably won't post until I get home on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Nice run Jim sounds like you are really getting back on track.