Monday, October 16, 2006

Didn't get it done

That's right. I lack the proper motivation to stick to a schedule. I was to run a 10 miler this weekend but failed to do so. I ran a hard 5 miler after church Sunday. I had intended to run on Saturday morning but it was cold and I wanted to go to Susan's girls' soccer games which were early. After the soccer games, we went on the great pumpkin hunt of 2006. Needless to say, I just found all kinds of excuses not to run on Saturday.

I fully intended to do the 10 on Sunday. However, I hooked up with Patrick, one of my neighbors. Normally I avoid running with Patrick simply because he has one speed . . . fast. I told him I was doing 10 and needed to run slow. He said no problem. Of course we ran a couple of mile down in the high 7 minute pace and that was that. By five miles, I had run a race and just couldn't back down to a 9:00 pace and run comfortably. So I used the afternoon to edge and cut the grass. Then I went over to Susan's to work on the doghouse I promised to help with. Normally doghouses are quick and easy but I made the mistake of getting input from 3 women on how they thought it should look. Now Sam (Susan's dog) has a better house than 50% of the poplulation in the state of Alabama.

I am planning doing 10 tonight if the storms don't catch me. I'll let you know later if I did it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you did not get your ten miler in this weekend. But you had a friend that pushed you and sometimes a short fast one is good too!!you had company how I envy you and your running neighbors!!!

Phil said...

Jim .. are you back on a program or just running what ever feels right for the day. Not to critize, but your running seems to lack focus ... this isn't "Flying Pig" Jim I remember. There isn't anything wrong with running what you damn well feel like running on any given day, but, you seem to be frustrated after every run, which leads me to believe you're not getting what you want out of the time you're putting in.

Amy said...

The storms, plus an overwhelming urge to sit on my behind, caught me tonight. Hope they didn't catch you..oh, and love the dog house reference :)

Anonymous said...

My apologies for interrupting your running plans on Saturday. We want to support your running and not be a hindrance. Susan