Thursday, October 12, 2006

Still working at it

I love the cooler weather. Most fat boys love the cooler weather. It means I can run 6 miles without my shoes and socks being soaked in sweat. It means that I can take shower within 15 minutes and not still be sweating while water is running over my body. It means improved performance (perceived or real).

I had a very nice run yesterday afternoon. I did a 6 miler on my 1.2 mile loop in my 'hood. My neighbor Dom (check my links to the right) ran the last 3 with me. I felt comfortable, never really pushing. As the shadows lengthened, the temperature dropped a little. Perfect. Marc "Animal" was just starting as I was finishing so he joined me for about a mile. Thanks for the company guys!

Here's my splits on 1.2 mile loop and corresponding pace (rounded, of course)-

Lap 1 10:26 8:42 pace
Lap 2 10:29 8:45 pace
Lap 3 10:19 8:36 pace
Lap 4 10:30 8:45 pace
Lap 5 10:13 8:31 pace

Actual total time: 51:59

1 comment:

Phil said...

Nice and steady splits! And yes, you are performing better in the cooler weather. Your body is using blood to nourish you muscles, instead of trying to cool off the body.