Wednesday, March 01, 2006

trying to catch up

Hey all,
I've been bad. I have not been updating the last few days. Of course, I am working 12 hour days which means (after the roadwork) I only have about 10 hours a day. Sounds like a lot but after 7-8 hours of sleep, it is not much. I am going home on Thursday morning. I am ready for a break.

I ran a 10 miler last Saturday. It was supposed to be a 15 miler prepping for the flying pig marathon but I dogged it off after 10. It was raining and after working several 12 hour days, I just wasn't up for it.

I did run a 6 miler on Monday night. Nothing fast. After a day full of work in safety boots and climbing around, it was about all I wanted to do. Just ran and no dinner. Went to bed after shower.

I am planning on running a 6 to 8 miler when I get home on Thursday afternoon and doing my 15 miler this coming Saturday morning. I need to do 18 or more, but I have an event Saturday night and don't need to be totally wiped out. It is a big dress up gala and I am actually taking a companion. Not a date. She's a daughter of a friend of mine. I know . . . I'm old enough to be her father! I have no plans of anything other than having a nice dinner, enjoying the silent auction, and maybe some dancing.

I'll update after my run tomorrow.


Cary said...

Where are you?????

youngrunner said...

Yeah, dude! Where are you?

Cary said...

Did the Fat Man catch you????