Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A better week

Sorry about the bummer post the other night. Sometime writing about stuff empowers us to control it. At least I think it helps.

Monday afternoon run definitely helped shake some of the garbage out. I did a 7.2 miler and continuously picked up the pace. This was a nice, hard run but I still felt in control and never felt like I was racing. Animal (Marc) ran the last couple of loops with my and helped me push the pace a little bit. Thanks Marc!

As some of you may know I normally do a 1.2 mile loop and here's my loops and equavilent paces:

10:14 loop is 8:33 pace
10:09 loop is 8:27 pace
10:00 loop is 8:20 pace
9:54 loop is 8:15 pace
9:29 loop is 7:55 pace
9:14 loop is 7:42 pace

Avg loop is 9:50 which is 8:12 average

After the run I lifted weights and did pretty good there as well.

Maybe I'm back to normal or at least as close to normal as possible.

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Dom said...

Dear Abbey Normal,

Now that you have that new bicycle, normal takes on a whole new meaning when you ride down Bham's crowded roads and some SOB honks his horn as he rockets by...as soon as you are done with that marathon, it will be time to start training for that century on your new ride...not as hard on the sole (pun intended), but hard on the...well, butt!