Wednesday, March 22, 2006

not gonna make my goal

Hi all. I'm not going to make my 40 mile goal this week. Not my fault though. Blame it on the 4 inches of rain we got Monday night. Actually, it wasn't the rain, it was the lightning. Normally I run in the rain but I try not to die from electricity. SOooo . . . . the fatman ran on the treadmill WHICH I HATE! Since it just didn't feel right, I jumped on my trainer and pedaled for 30 minutes and then worked out. However, I do not count treadmill mileage. It just doesn't seem right to count it if you're watching Seinfeld as the same time.

Tonight I was supposed to run 8 1/2 miles. I think I did 7 1/2. I lost track due to Marc (animal) . . . we turned left instead of going and straight and then we ran a hard loop . . . . I guess I lost oxygen to the brain. Anyway, it was 7 1/2 miles in 61 1/2 minutes which still works out to an 8:12 average. Pretty happy with it.

I'm heading to Vidalia, GA in the morning (flying down for a day trip) and will be home in time to run Thursday night. I am planning on hills or yasso 800s. It depends on how I feel. I may even fall back and do fartleks if I'm too sore.


Shane (mississip) said...

Put the treadmill on a 6 % incline and THEN you won't mind counting it! ;-)

youngrunner said...

I hate running on a treadmill so much that I count it as double the milage. It is agony for me.
I would rather stick needles in my eyes.