Sunday, March 05, 2006

Catching up again!

Okay . . . I've caught enough grief that I am updating tonight.

Let's see how this week went. I ran a six miler Thursday afternoon after I got back in town from Vidalia.

I ran a 15 miler Saturday morning. Averaged 8:39 pace. Held a very good pace . . . it didn't vary by more than 10 seconds per the entire run. I was sort of surprised considering that I have been slacking a little bit the last couple of weeks. It hit me today that I REALLY need to bear down the next 9 or 10 weeks. It is getting down to crunch time and I need to get on the stick if I'm gonna break my four hour marathon.

I ran Saturday morning with Chip. He did a 17 miler, but we ran together pretty weill. May be the reason why I was able to hold such a good pace. Of course Chip's goal is to qualify for Boston (3:30). Thanks Chip!

After I ran Saturday morning, I went out and ordered my new bike. Yep, I did it!
A Specialized Roubaix Expert Double with compact chain ring. Not gonna talk about how much money I spent. I better like bike riding!

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Shane (mississip) said...

I checked out your bike on the Specialized website and it looks great! I have a mt bike but want to get a road one next spring. I plan to get into tri's next year if I can tackle the marathon in December. Have fun!