Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting back to life

A note for Cary . . . . the fat man has been trying to catch me the last couple of weeks. I let him sneak up on me by a couple of pounds so I am hitting my Weight Watchers hot and heavy again. I got back into sloppy eating habits and cut back a little bit on my running and WHAMO! The fat man was grabbing at my shirt tail.

I ran last night. A pretty good 6 miler. Was going to be an easy recovery run but the weather was so nice I started picking up the pace. I ended up running it in 49:18 (8:13 pace) which is decent for me . . . especially with the couple of extra pounds I picked up since the Mercedes. I also got back to working out seriously. I have determined that my life needs DISCIPLINE and STRUCTURE. The best way I can provide these things to myself is through my exercise (and getting rid of the girlscout cookies I bought!).

One more thing that I HAVE to get off my chest- Brooks has really screwed up my shoe . . . The Beast. They changed the model for "improvements" such as a better midsole, etc. According to Brooks, it is the same shoe, same last, same fit. I have to throw the B.S. flag on that last statement. I was originally in 11 1/2 D Beasts. I have tried 11 1/2 D, 12 D, 12 1/2 D, 12 1/2 2E. I just can't get the right fit!!! It seems they've narrowed up the midfoot area and increased the toebox. BIG BUMMER. I love the old shoe but this one just ain't right. I guess I'll have to go back to NB or Saucony.


youngrunner said...

Have you tried the Addiction? Can you take the Beasts back? Believe it or not, Brooks and other shoe manufacturers are happy to get feedback on their improvements even if they are negative. They are also known to bring back the old models, you know, back by popular demand. Most running shoe stores will take shoes back if they haven't been worn for too many miles. If not, you have another pair of shoes to knock around in. You shouldn't have to increase the size of the shoe by more than half a size for a newer model. So, going to a different size isn't the answer. Dude, I feel your pain. Trying to find the right shoe while training for a marathon. Ouch.
I'll ask around about the Beast.
Maybe some of the old models are still available. In the Saucony line, you could try the Stabil or Renegade. If you can wear Asics (they are too narrow for my dogs) try Gel Foundation.
Good Luck

Jim said...

Hey there Youngrunner . . . I mail order the shoes and have not problem returning them. I use RoadRunnerSports.com and they have a generous return policy for members. Send me the link to your blog. I heard that you might be heading to PA for the distance festival on in the end of April.

I have run in the Stabil and love the fit. However, they don't last over 250 miles with me . . . the soles are too soft and wear out.

Hope to hear from you.

youngrunner said...

I don't have a blog :(
But I could get you some Stabil's at cost.
Yes, the Runner's World Half will be a good training run for the Buffalo Marathon on 5/28.