Thursday, March 16, 2006

A better week

Okay . .
I'm pulling out of the funk-as expected. According to the experts, my life will be a roller coaster for a while, but it will eventually smooth out. Thank you for all the comforting words from friend and family. You cards, posts, and emails are more helpful than you'd ever know!

That being said, this is all about running (and biking)! Wed night I had a pretty nice run. Bizarre, but nice. My intention was to run a SLOW, EASY 6 miler. I need to start tuning my body to feel a 9 minute pace for my planned 4 hour marathon. I have been running my long runs too fast and my weekly runs even faster. I decided to run a 9:00 minute pace for my 6 miler. Couldn't do it. My first 3 miles were more along the lines of an 8 minute pace. I finally just slammed on the brakes and ran the last 3 miles at slightly under a 9 minute pace. 6 miles in a little under 51 minutes. I know that is not fast for some of you out there. The 9 minute pace felt SO SLOW. In fact, I think it made me more tired than running the faster pace. I felt like I was not as effecient . . . felt like I was bouncing more than striding. That being said, I am planning on doing my 18 miler this Saturday at a SLOWER PACE!

Tonight I did hill work. 2 1/2 miles to warm up.
5 x 0.2 mile hill repeats
1 1/2 mile cool down.

Felt great! Worked out afterwards.

BTW . . . I am trying out a pair of new Mizuno Renegade 2 shoes. They seem to be doing okay and feel pretty good. The heel cup is a little shallower than I am used to, but it isn't affecting my running. I still want to figure out the problem with the Beasts . . . . I may try one more time with a 12EE.

I'm taking off tomorrow and will do 18 miles on Saturday (without fagging out). Chip is doing the Germantown, TN half marathon and his wife Dori is doing the 5K. Good luck to you guys!

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