Friday, February 17, 2006


Hey all!
I am recovering from the effects of THE BUG I had last week and the 1/2 marathon I ran on Sunday. It seems that THE BUG hit our street last week with a flurry. Best we can tell it started at one of the little girl's birthday party two Saturdays ago and spread from there. Some of the mothers called it rotavirus . . . we just called it THE BUG.

Anyway . . . I've gotten over the race from last Sunday and the trotskys. Not a good thing to have going on at the same time.

I did not run Monday or Tuesday. Legs were a little sore. I did run a reasonably brisk (8:15 pace) 6 miler Wednesday night and did Hill work on Thursday night. The hill work did take a little out of as my legs and hips were still a little sore. However, I sucked it up and got the workout done.

I'm going to spend the night in Tupelo tonight. It is Mona's mom's birthday and I think she's been having a harder time with Mona's passing than I have. I figured I'd go and try to keep her mind off it. Also while in Tupelo, Shane (running in the deep south blog) and I are planning on meeting up for a run. I'm hoping to get in 10-12 easy miles. However, they (weather goobers) are predicting winter storm conditions so I'll just have to see how the weather is and if Shane is a fair weather runner or a hard core, do it unless it's lightning, kind of guy. We may be running in an ice storm! Of course if it looks too bad, I may bail just to make sure I can leave early enough to get back to B'ham.

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