Monday, February 06, 2006

Absolute PANIC!

I cannot believe it. I had to leave work today because I got SICK! Why does this always seem to happen to me right when I get into shape? I had to skip my run tonight and my weight lifting. I've been backtracking in my mind over the last couple of days about who I have been in touch with. I don't remember being around anyone sick. I was around some kids at church (nasty little Petri dishes that breed germs and bacteria).

I'm hoping that it is just a stomach thing. I, like most people watching the super bowl last night, enjoyed several appetizers, soup, snacks. I didn't over eat and I did not over indulge. I was feeling sort of yucky when I got out of bed this morning. By 10:00, I was full fledged sick. Yep . . . the whole nine yards. I was driving the porcelain bus and had the dreaded "D" word. I also had chills and shakes and headache. I had fever off and on all day. However, tonight I have no fever, but my body feels like I've been run over by a truck. PLEASE tell me that this is not the flu! I had flu shot a couple of months ago. Isn't it terrible to wish that you food poisoning? If I wake up in the morning feeling the same, I am heading straight to the Dr. office. I hope that I can get some kind of shot or anti-biotics.

My race is next Sunday and I hope I can get my strength back. As far as training, I know that the hay is in the barn. There is nothing I can do to improve my race, I can only mess it up. I just need to calm down. I did run an easy 10 miler right before the game yesterday . . . that may be my last run before my half-marathon.

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