Monday, January 30, 2006

sore legs

Wow . . . I thought I was ready to go out and breeze through a recovery run tonight. I guess the 18 miler took a little more than I thought. "BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!" the fat man screams.

I thought doing a 45 session on the bike and lifting weights, including leg workout, would work all the soreness out. I thought wrong or the work I did yesterday made me sore. Regardless, I managed a 5 miler tonight. I did it without a watch, again. Good thing . . . I felt sort of slow and sluggish. However, by the 4th mile I was starting to loosen up and as I sit here typing this up, my legs feel okay.

Part of the problem is that I know I am running my long runs a little too fast. But that's okay, if it doesn't kill me it will make me stronger, right?

Off tomorrow and then tempo run on Wednesday and hills on Thursday.


Dom said...

Remember to rest between hard workouts or you risk injury...this is your conscience talking to you...Great long run...I probably shouldn't have picked up the pace the last lap ;-)

Summer said...

Jim, you must be my long-lost brother. I'm a libra/boar too!!! hehe

Thanks for finding me and for offering your support. You instantly have mine too. I did a quick scan of your blog, but didn't find the answer to my question... when is your half marathon coming up??? You won't see me there, but I'll be cheering for you...