Thursday, January 26, 2006

hectic Thursday

or at least it seemed hectic to me.

Busy day at work. All kinds of stuff going on. And on top of all the usual BS, my boss calls me in and assigns more to me. EXCUSE ME . . . I'm trying to get over my wife passing away last month. Isn't there anyone else to handle this stuff?

Answer: yes, but I know you'll do it right.

Have you ever really just been fed up to here with it?

Okay, I've vented. Now on to the more important stuff. I ran this afternoon. I had to make it a quick, short run since I was heading over to The Bell Center ( )-an early intervention school. I'm doing a Partners in Training (yes it is similar to Team in Training). That is what I am raising money for . . . read my profile for more info. Tonight was an awards meeting. I didn't win any awards. Didn't raise enough money. I did win a hotel room for the night before the marathon. That was nice considering that you can walk out of the hotel to the start line for the marathon. However, I told them to use the money and put it back into Bell Center. I live close enough that it is not an issue.

I ran about 5 miles. I did hill repeats and just warming up and cooling off.

I ran about 2 1/2 miles to warm up.

4 x 0.2 mile hill repeats (1.6 including the downhills)

1 mile cooldown.

I did notice that I was tired and sore from the hard tempo run that Animal and I ran last night. However, my times are improving and the FATMAN is staying way.

Check back to see how my 18 miler goes this Saturday. I'm shooting for a 9:05 average, but we'll see.


Amy said...

Good luck on the 18 miles!

Anonymous said...

Jim I ran a slooooowww 3 miler last night. That tempo run on Wed. drained me too!

Shane (mississip) said...

Good luck on the run today! I just finished my long run for the day which was only 6.7 miles with a 9:28 pace.

You're doing a better job than me of leaving the fat man behind!