Saturday, January 28, 2006

I LOVE the Long Run!

Hey all. For those who are keeping up, today was my 18 miler. First time in a while since I've gone over 16. It always seems like whenever I start getting ready for a marathon, I get injured about this time in my training. NO MORE!!! I have been able to keep the fat man at bay thanks to Weight Watchers, hard work, and a support group that is second to none! That includes my running friends and neighbors-Chip, Animal, Dom, Lisa, Dori. It also includes fellow bloggers like Amy and Shane. Thanks all!

I was a little concerned with today's run since I struggled a little bit with last week's 15.6 miler. Not today. Lisa ran with me for the first 9 miles or so and then Dori joined me for a couple of miles and then Dom (who was already out running with Chip) helped me finish off the last 7 miles. Lisa ended up running 14.5 miles. Chip turned in about a 10 and Dom was somewhere around 14 or 15 miles. THANKS!

Here's the bottom line. 18 miles in 2 hours 38 minutes. That works out to a 8:47 average. MUCHO better than the 9:05s I was wanting to average. The best part is that I am not hardly sore at all and managed to work around in the yard the rest of the day. I'm rewarding myself with Lasagna with some friends.

I just wish Mona were here to help me celebrate :(


Shane (mississip) said...

WOW! That's incredible! Congrats, not only on the distance, but on that great pace! You're going to have an awesome chance of breaking 4 hours in your marathon.

I wanting to also say I'm so sorry about your wife Mona. My wife and I have been married almost 13 years (together 15) so I can't imagine what you are going through. You are definately in our prayers.

partyrunner said...

hurrah for the long run that comes in at a lower pace than you had hoped! mine always come in longer.

and ya, recovery from an 18 miler aint as easy as it sounds (wait, 18 miles doesn't sound easy...)