Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yes. I am.

I hate socks that slide down my legs. Even worse, I hate throwing away something that is still in good shape. That's why I'm furious. I have a pair of wonderfully comfortable, perfectly green socks. I looked for these for weeks until I found just the right color. Now they have reached the end of their useful life. Or at least the elastic has. I've even thought about using garter belts or thumbtacks. However, I have now accepted the fact that they are no longer acceptable as they slide down my legs and gather around my ankles. I must say adeiu to my old green socks. I HATE IT! Enough ranting about my socks. Now we can talk about my underwear . . . it doesn't get comfy until you can read the newspaper through it!

I ran yesterday afternoon. HOT. It was 85 degrees when I started at 4:30 and it never cooled as I slogged through 4 miles. It wasn't fast. It wasn't pretty. It was, however, 4 miles and that's what counts!

Yes, I know-I have not updated the other site about the beach trip. I'll try to get around to it soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha, green socks that are in good shape but have lost there elasticity, just wait until your skin slides down and gathers up at the ends of yourlimbs! And we won't even go into the underwear thingy!Keep up the good work (running and discarding) and be thankful of what is real..

Anonymous said...

Funny, I haven't looked here for weeks and now you mention your socks.

Beleive it or not, well you probably will believe it, I have sock elastic. It's usually used as you knit a pair of socks but...if you are that much in love with those socks I could try to salvage them. No guarantees but I can try. Wash them first though!

DawnB said...

well its hard to part with something so special as your pair of green socks.

Phil said...

That's why I only buy socks that hit below my ankels.