Monday, May 05, 2008

Inspired Yo-Yo

The beginning of another week. Another do-over. Another chance.

I did better at running last week than in the previous weeks this spring. After reading Phil's blog, I was inspired. Or should I say I connected. Phil has been having some apparent motivation problems and his conditioning has been showing it. HEY . . . THAT'S JUST LIKE ME. I've been searching for reasons not to run instead of looking for reasons to run. Isn't that screwed up. The "fatman" has been hot on my heels and I can feel him breathing (actually wheezing) down my neck. Thanks Phil for your sharing-it has got my brain to working.

Susan informed me that she's going another round with WW and that I am going to do it with her. No, not that-get your minds out of the gutter. I'm going to do another session of WW with her. She's been looking better and better and I've not really been making much progress. I better watch out or she'll get scarfed up by some buff, good looking guy. Thanks Susan for giving some inspiration to me to get back on the weight loss band wagon.

Running this afternoon after work and then going to Susan's for dinner. Actually, we're going to go out (so much for the inspiration!) for Cinco de Mayo. We'll split an entree' and try to control ourselves.

talk to you later!

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