Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Hey all. It's lunch time. Decided I needed to catch up.

Tired today. Ran a couple of hilly runs on Thursday and Saturday that beat my legs up pretty good. I ran 4 miles yesterday in my neighborhood and couldn't keep up with Marc "The Animal". My legs were shot and I just did a survival type of run. Even though I ran easy, there was great effort put into it so I guess is did some good. Also, the temperature was up around 80 so I'm sure the heat slowed me down a little bit.

I'm also tired because I sat up past my bedtime. Yep, watched the NCAA men's b'ball championship. I'm not a big hoops fan but since it was the championship and Memphis was playing, I figured I'd watch it. My buddy Larry and neighbor "basement boy" came over and we watched the game and drank adult beverages.

I'm not running today but will run on Wednesday and Thursday.

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