Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday to all. I've managed to make it through another week. and that in itself is a blessing!

I was supposed to run on Wednesday but blew it off in order to go play golf with a friend who retired several years ago and had just gotten into town. We had a good time and I really don't feel guilty about having taken the day off. It's funny . . . the older I get, the more I realize my parents are right-there are some things that are more important. Like reconnecting with old friends! So there-no guilt trip!!!

I ran 4 miles yesterday afternoon. The temperature was up in the high 70s but it was breezy so it wasn't unbearable. Afterwards, I cut the grass and edged. Did I mention how much I love the longer days?

Oh yeah . . . . this is Masters weekend so I hope you golfers out there have your supply of beverages, chips, salsa, and whatever else you need to camp out on the sofa for the final round!

have a great weekend.

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DawnB said...

you blew your run off for a friend......Priceless