Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick update

Good morning to all. I've only a few minutes before work cranks up so this is quick.

I ran yesterday afternoon. 4 miles. In the heat. I know that Phil laughs when I say that but it was unseasonably warm for Alabama. It was in the low 80s when I ran at 4:30. That is Alabama. Last Monday we barely got out of the 40s and one week later it's 80+ degrees. It just means more water to drink, more sweat pouring off my body, and longer time to cool off. As long as I plan for it, I guess it's okay. In addition to the run, I walked 9 holes after the run. So in addition to 4 miles in the heat, I toted (yes, a southern word) 30 pounds of clubs, bag, balls, beverages for approximately 2 1/2 miles. People always forget that not only are you walking the distance of the holes but you're also walking from green to next tee which can be a lenghty distance at times. Overall, pretty good day yesterday.

I didn't run over the weekend. Didn't have time-I went to the beach. Susan's oldest, MAC, played in the Emerald Coast Soccer tournament in Destin. I'll post details about that trip on "My Hot Girlfriend" website (link on the right).

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