Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jim gets a do-over!

No, not a make over, though I probably need that also. A do-over. Remember when you were a kid and struck out because it was somebody else's fault . . . you got a do-over. Or if you couldn't perform some supernatural feat on your first try . . . you got a do-over. If you've been following my rantings over the last several months you know that my situation at work is far from ideal. The Dilbert executives that I work for have decided to relocate engineering to the plant sites . . . . very lonely remote areas in the southeast. I didn't have a problem so much with the thought of relocation . . . it was the way they went about informing (or not informing) us. As I have said, it is the fourth realignment or reorganization that I have been caught up in in the last five years. ENOUGH ALREADY . . . LET ME DO MY FREAKING JOB!!! Needless to say, I have been disheartened with the thought of having to sell my house, relocate, move away from family and my relationship with Susan and her girls. It has been so much fun at work that we all started a new game . . . we kept a running list of verbs, adjectives, and adverbs regarding this latest realignment on a large marker board. Here's a list of words that I have contributed. I chose to use "dis" words . . .



disimprove (yes . . it is a word)













All that being said, I got a phone call regarding a do-over. I had applied for a job next door with another subsidiary of the same parent company but felt that my present employer might try to block my exit since they are losing people left and right. Prayers are answered because I was offered a position doing what I do now for the same pay. Good enough for me. I wasn't exiting for more money or fame-I just wanted to be able to do my job. Now I get a chance to "do-over" my career. I am officially leaving nuclear and will be working on environmental projects.

Now that this has happened, it feels like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of me. I still have to deal with the actual weight I have gained due to my emotional eating but my professional do-over also leads me into a running do-over. I feel so much better and relaxed and I can now focus on a somewhat normal life and routine.


Aunt Susan said...

Congratulations! So glad you are not leaving. Now, enjoy your life.
Aunt Susan

Ashville said...

Good deal, cause we were not going to let you leave anyway..So now relax and get on with the rest of your life and know that you have made your family, and friends happy.

DawnB said...

That is really good news Jim congratulations!!!