Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunchtime thoughts

I am sitting here at my desk, eating lunch (turkey and lettuce wrap . . . no mayo and no cheese) and talking to you. Whoever you are.

I'm still trying to run and bike and get the fatman under control. I am officially out of the jeans I wore during the 06 marathon season and I am pissed at myself for letting it happen. No excuses. I definitely have some kind of self-destruct character flaw that I have not been able to get my hands around. It seems the only way I can motivated is to be self-denegrating. It may take a while, but I will get it back.

I was talking to one my neighbors last night and he is building nicely towards marathon season. He is on his 8th 30 mile week and will be bumping up to 35 miles next week. He is nice and trim and helps me want to get it back.

Last Saturday I did a 51 mile bike ride with the normal group. I averaged 15.9 mph. That sucks! Last year I would have been riding with the lead pack. Now I am riding in the "slow" group. The ride did not totally wipe me out but I knew I had been working.

I ran 4 miles Monday afternoon and it felt pretty good. It was hot and slow but I had my MP3 tuned into Aerosmith and that got me through. I also ran 3 miles on Tuesday. Would have liked to have done more but I had schedule restraints. Besides, my legs were dead from the bike ride.

Wednesday afternoon I did a 35 mile bike ride with some of the group after work. The first 15 miles or so was very hot and we couldn't seem to find our way out of the sunshine. However, the second half started cooling off (to the high 80s) and we started finding some shade along the way. I didn't ride strong but I can tell my legs are finally startnig to come back and my riding is improving. Maybe by the end of summer I'll be back in some kind of decent shape.


Anonymous said...

You are already in decent shape. Quit putting yourself down!

Ashville said...

There is more to life than being in "shape". Yea, being trim and fit is great but not when it comes to putting yourself down and making this your main goal. Hey, ambition helps to achieve your goal, but be certain what your priorities are and love and enjoy life.

DawnB said...

You'll be back on track before you know it Jim, with the stress you were dealing with now off your shoulders you be just fine!!! I have no doubts