Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vacation does not mean lazy

Hey. Yes, I am blogging during my vacation in Hilton Head, SC.

We had a fairly uneventful trip over and Susan's girls did surprisingly good for a 7 hour trip. I guess it helps to let them out of the car to pee after they've begged for 15 or 20 minutes. Seems to make 'em happy :). Just kidding. We left B'ham at 6 am and stopped between Atlanta and Macon for breakfast (about 2 1/2 hours). Then we drove to Soperton on I-16 (only locals would know about this place) and stopped for gas ( another 1 1/2 hours). After that, we pushed all the way to HHI with a 3 hour leg. We arrived in HHI about 3:00 local time and went straight to the villa. We made it all in one piece.

Sunday morning I awoke to a VERY stiff back. Nothing worse than a bet that is too soft. Instead of running, I went for a short bike ride. I took Susan's girls along and we did about 4 miles. Of course I could have (and should have) done more but the young one, E, was starting to fade and getting a little bit bored with the whole thing.

Monday morning I got of bed, did lots of stretches and gathered Susan and the girls together so they could ride while I ran. I ran a very quick 3 miler with all three girls riding my tail. It was cloudy, warm and 100% humidity. It had rained all night and the lagoon next to our villa was up by about 8 inches. We timed it perfectly and after parking and locking the three bikes and getting inside, the bottom fell out. It rained all morning and we spend the better part of the day going to local shops and outlet malls just to get out. Monday evening we took the bikes to the beach and rode for several miles.

Tuesday morning . . . . not rest! I am on vacation and that means that this is MY time and I am going to enjoy as much of it as possible. After reading and doing a little work, I rousted the three girls who think that vacation is for lounging. We all jumped on the bikes and got in a nice 7 miler. This was good for E and she seems to be improving with every ride (remember . . . she's only been off her training wheels for a couple of months).

Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up early and try to get in 6 miles before anyone gets up. Then I'll ride bikes with the girls.

I'll let you know how it goes!


ashville said...

Hey, lazy is always a good part of vacation--you never have time for this at home.

Amy said...

I think I have enough lazy for all of ya'll...enjoy your time at HHI!