Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ravings and lunacy

I started this week with a new attitude. I HAVE to.

As you know, I tend to yo-yo with my weight and recently it's only been in the yo mode. You know when you cast the spinning piece of plastic downward and expect it to return to you . . not so this time around. The "Fatman" has again reared his ugly head. He was devious this time. It's not like I heard him panting and pounding as he was approaching me from behind. No. This time I swear he came in like a Ranger paratrooper. Silent. Deadly. He leapt on my back before I knew he was there. Very tricky, this Fatman. You know how it goes . . . an extra snack here, dessert there. Skip a run. I mean, I've been doing some running but not hardcore, stay in shape kind of stuff. The whole time knowing that you're losing control but justifying the behavior. I am now paying the price- repeat it with me . . . .

JIM IS FAT (again).

So . . . . I started war on the Fatman beginning this week. Back to doing 100 situps each day. Promise. Back to counting WW points. Back to a healthier lifestyle. I even wrote it on my mirror in the bathroom- "YOU ARE FAT". Of course I can get out of the shower and see it but it helps to have the extra reminder. I guess the realization came while getting ready to go on vacation next week. I was trying to start pulling stuff together for the trip and was pulling some of my nicer shorts out. I held them up and thought . . . these can't be mine. Maybe Susan left these here. I'm not going to tell of the embarrassment of trying to put on a pair of size 34 shorts (which were comfortable 2 years ago). I've slowly crept my way into and out of 36 and now reside in the 38 range. OUCH!

I cannot afford to go buy new clothes. I cannot afford to become any more unattractive in fear of Susan realizing she's got a porker on her hands (not that fat people can't be attractive . . . I just happen not to be one of those).

okay. Here's the deal. Everyone who reads this is responsible for holding me accountable. I hate to burden you with that but I tend to lose my spine on occassion. Promise me that you'll help. PLEASE??????

I ran 3 miles Monday. It was so blinking hot. Low 90s.
I ran 4 miles Wednesday. Same thing-low 90s. This was a run that was supposed to be a "get back into it, you know you can survive it" kind of runs. However, my neighbor "Animal" was out prowling around looking for fat people to embarrass and he joined me on my run. I told him to get away but he wouldn't leave. It's not like I could outrun him. I told him I'd spray him with 100% Deet and he just laughed. So I huffed and puffed my way through 3 1/2 miles of excessive speed for my weight to temperature ratio. I crashed last night and slept hard. I awoke this morning "stove up". I think most of you know that expression. After mucho coffee and Arthritis strength Tylenol, I've started feeling better. I'm supposed to walk 9 holes with my neighbor "Basement Boy" and my buddy Larry. Should be a good workout. Nothing like luggin 30lbs of golf equipment for 2 1/2 miles in 90+degree heat.

I hope you have a great day.


Dom said...

I have responded to your list of questions. Better be running during your vacation or you will return as a big ole tub of lard that won't be able to roll out of bed much less run the NYC marathong.

Phil said...

Listen very carefully. Joining the "big boys club" isn't an option. Anyway, the membership is full and I haven't lost eneough weight to revoke my membership.

You will get back in shape. You will loose the weight. You will be sucessful; else, I'm coming down there and smack you up'side the head. I'll be watching and expect to see real results.

In the mean time, don't the fret the speed. Slow runs with your HR fully within your aerobic range are the best for burning off those undesired pounds.

DawnB said...

We have to constanlty pay attention don't we? if we don't before we know it we are back where we were. In the same boat right now. You have a shoulder to lean on here. We're all here for you. Enjoy your vacation