Thursday, June 05, 2008

just another day

Hey all. It's 8:30 Thursday evening and I'm sitting here at home, watching 300 for at least the 10th time. Thought I'd update. Several things to discuss.

Running. Yes, I am selfish and my blog is still about my running, even if there is very little. Sunday, Susan and I went out for what should have been roughly a 5 miler. We ran in her neighborhood which very hilly. She has been running less than me and it started showing up after about 3 miles. The last couple of miles ended up being a series of run/walks. That's okay. We had fun and we even used the time to shop for houses. Lots of houses for sale and it's a buyer's market!

Monday I ran 3 miles. Wanted to do more but it was HOT and my legs were tired from Sunday's run through the hills. I'll take it.

I skipped Tuesday (dinner with Susan's dad) and Wednesday (helped serve dinner at homeless shelter).

I ran this afternoon and it was HOT again. I mowed the lawn and then for a run around 6. It was still in the low 90s when I ran. Needless to say, I sweated like a pig.

Wednesday night I went with Susan and the Sunday school class to Firehouse Shelter in B'ham. We fed about 70 people, give or take. I spoke with several of the men and one of them, Joshua Brown, made an impression on me. We had a nice discussion and I'm reminded that we are all just a hearbeat away from being in the same predicament. It makes me more grateful for the blessings and gifts I've been given and I will say a prayer for Joshua everyday from now on.

I've been a real SOB around Susan lately. My guess is that I'm struggling with drug withdrawal. I abandoned my Zoloft a couple of weeks ago and find myself very moody about little things that do not matter. I am trying hard to adjust and I apologize to Susan has been nothing but supportive of me. I need to find things to be happy about and quit looking for things to bitch about.

We've made plans for summer vacation. We may even go if I can fix item 3 above. We're planning on spending a week in the Williamsburg, VA area. This should be really cool because we'll be there during Independence Day. Hopefully the girls will enjoy it and use it as a learning experience about the founding of our nation.

MAC is in try outs this week. Soccer season ended last month with them winning the State Championship. However, the teams don't always stay together and BUSA (B'ham United Soccer Assoc) rules require tryouts at the beginning of each season. She didn't get picked up on the first night of tryouts so we're a little anxious. She had tryouts again tonight and I have not heard from Susan yet. Hopefully she'll get picked up by her old coach and team. If not, she has one more tryout on Saturday morning. Say a prayer for an eleven year old girl who is trying her best.

Enough for tonight!


Amy said...

Update on the tryouts?

Stop being an SOB. You know you are much nicer than that :)

I tagged you. See my blog for details. And feel free to bitch and complain about it :)

Christy said...

Don't you just love this Alabama heat to run in...wait, what am I saying...I haven't been running so I can't complain. ha!!!!

Susan said...


I added an update about her soccer on my blog. Your readers can access it through the Running Susan link on your blog.