Friday, February 29, 2008

about time

Yes, it's about time I catch up on my blogging. I've layed off my blogging for several weeks and I apologize.

A lot has happened since my last whine session. I had gone to the Dr several times trying to figure out what was going on. I had been HURTING for a couple of weeks. To the point where I could not run and I could barely function at work. I haven't told some of my fan base this but I did end up going to the ER a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday night. The usual routine . . . of course I wish it wasn't a routine. I feel stupid going to the ER but when you're hurting that badly, you have to go in. I took an aspirin (just in case) and got my neighbor to take me to the ER. After telling triosh that I was having chest pain, they got me back quick. However, after blood enzyme test (negative), x-ray (negative), heart rate (<60), blood pressure (110/50), and review of my history (I've done this before and had nuclear stress test back in Sept of 07), they decided it wasn't my heart. Well I figured that much. Of course when you don't become an emergency anymore, you sort of get left alone. Two days in for observation, not eating, and endoscopy, and I started feeling better and my GI doc said that my esophogus was inflamed and doubled my nexium. Like I said . . . same old thing.

I'm now back to running and being very careful about following the "do not eat" list. No tomato (well, just a little), no citrus (I can accept that), no caffeine (VERY TOUGH), no or limited alcohol (a glass of wine or two is okay), no peppermint (I love peppermint), no chocolate (I ADORE chocolate). I just have to pick and choose. BUMMER.

After an almost 3 week layoff, I got back on the street feeling better. Unfortunately, three weeks is long enough to detrain slightly so it took my legs a few runs to get back to normal. I'm back to building base for the next several weeks, trying to run 4 days a week between 15 and 20 miles per week.

Hope your running is going well!


DawnB said...

Jim hope you are still at it.

Anonymous said...

Just keep on, and never give up, you are all you think you are--think positive! Think your goals!