Wednesday, February 06, 2008

cuss words!

Yes . . . cuss words. Lots of them. Lots of four letter words.

I went to the Dr. yesterday after 10 days of "just not feeling right" after eating the suspect tuna and spending the better part of my weekend on the sofa or in the bathroom. Told him of the incident and my symptoms. Run down, stomach not right, upper abdominal and chest pain. Of course the upper abdominam and chest pain complaint automatically gets you an EKG. I'm really not worried about heart problems. I had a nuclear stress test last fall and had an echo cardiogram (routine stuff at my cardiologist's request). Not a heart problem though some out there would say I just don't have on at all! Based on my history of GI problems, the Dr. felt that perhaps the violent, acidic weekend may have aggravated my esophagus. Of course without going to my GI Dr and being scoped, it's just a guess. I did tell him that I've slowly been feeling better and that made him feel more confident in his GI diagnosis. He gave me a prescription for a medicine that helps coat and told me to take it along with my nexium over the next week. I asked him about being tired and he (along with my MOTHER) said that being that sick just takes it out of you and rest is all that can be done. His suggestion is not run for the rest of the week and just take it easy.

I guess it seems as if my body has once again overcome my spirit. I really do want to run the half this Sunday but right now, I'm not sure I could do it. I am planning on doing a couple of easy miles this afternoon just to see if it wipes me out or not.

I've made up my mind that I will not be bummed out about this. There is plenty of time and plenty of miles yet to be run. Plus, my weight loss program is in progress and I'm heading the right direction with that. In the overall scheme of it, things are looking up.

Other items of interest . . . .

On a sad note, my neighbors across the street (Todd and Kathy) have had an offer made on their house and it looks like they'll be moving to Atlanta sometime this spring.

politics . . . hate 'em and against every old saying, we have to discuss it. Am I the only person out here who feels like this election is a no win situation? Why are the Repulicans putting up liberal canidates? I voted in the primaries yesterday and there is nothing out there to look forward to. I'll withhold my opinion about the Obama and Hillary show. Enough said there. John McCain? War hero, maybe, but he's LIBERAL. Mitt Romney? A governor from Mass (the most liberal state in the union). I like Fred Thompson who I felt was the closest thing to Reagan but he could never muster any interest. Our country is being hijacked by special interest groups and n'er-do-wells. As always, I'm interested in your opinions . . . no flaming though!

Superbowl. The good guys won. I loved seeing Tom Brady getting slammed to the ground on multiple occassions. It was a good game to boot and exciting finish. Anyone who took the Giants and the points made money, I'm sure.

Best commercial (imho) was the Bridgestone tire commercial with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons.

Hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Well, the Dr. and I agree on one thing--take the time and let your body heal itself. It's clear that you love to run so synchronize your body and spirit-- for one does not work without the other. Politics, is a practice of government and managing public affairs--kinda like Drs. they practice on the public..Stay in a positive frame of mind and you will succeed. There are many, many more miles ahead for you to run, take the time and enjoy.
Mother Ashville

Phil said...

It's easy for a doctor to say ... take it easy for the rest of the week. My doctor knows me well enough to never recommend taking it easy.

As for the election, perhaps the Republicans have learned their lesson and have decided against putting another ideologue in the White House.

Dom said...

I once had a doctor tell me to fix my knee pain was to quit running. I almost smacked him in the kisser. I would wake up Sunday morning, gauge how I feel, if ok, head to the race, start the race, feel crappy, quit running and head back to the start. Go to post-race party and drink beer.