Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life changes?

Good evening all.

I just finished having Mexican dinner with Susan and the girls. It is Wednesday evening and I am sitting here watching Jurassic Park. Susan, the girls, and Kelsey (my turncoat Cairn Terrier) have gone back to Susan's house. Good thing that they are watching here tomorrow. I am heading to Vidalia tomorrow. I'll be catching the corporate plane early in the morning. The good thing is that I'll be home tomorrow evening.

Yesterday I did not intend to run. The last several Wednesday bike ride have been tough because I have run the day before and I had planned to take a rest day but I ended up doing an easy 2 miler. I was over at Susan's and E was wanting to ride her new bike. She is finally off her training wheels and on two wheels. Considering that we are wanting to ride bikes while on vacation next week, I figured E would need to get all the practice she needs. Susan and E rode their bikes and I ran. E is doing very well and has finally gotten used to using her coaster brakes.

Today I did 26 miles on the bike . . . again. I know it sounds boring to do the same thing every week but until I really get strong on my bike, I'm sticking to shorter rides. Maybe I'll kick it up to 35 miles in another couple of weeks. It was a good ride this afternoon. There were only three of us. Other than miles 5 thru 9 (steep rolling hills), I felt reasonably strong and was not the weakest link. I actually got in a couple of good sprints and took my turn pulling on the flats. Larry M is still unbelievable . . . . he can separate at will and is very strong. I hate him! (just kidding). My legs are tired but not sore . . . a very good feeling.

Now on to life changes . . . .
I had a job interview on Tuesday morning. I really beleive that it went well and the committee that I had to perform for was cordial and I already knew half of them. It was very relaxed with some light joking interjected between the serious questions. I felt very relaxed and was charming, if I say so myself.

I appreciate the feedback and opinions all my family and friends are giving me. I appreciate all the prayers and thoughts.

As an aside, we have had several meetings the last couple of days so the executives (ball-less wonders that they are) can try to convince us how good this is going to be and how we need to appreciate the opportunity. They can take their "opportunity" and put is where the sun never shines. I guess my opinion would be different if I earned what they make. Half million dollar salary plus bonus . . . Yeah, I could move to Vidalia, GA for that. I hate having to learn new technology but I'd rather do that than have to start life anew 350 miles away. I guess I am just getting old. It is so sad . . . . I've been talking to some of my clients, warning them that I may be leaving. They cannot believe it. They ask who they can go to . . . . my response is "I'm sorry . . . I'm the last one . . . . call the vice president of engineering with your questions". It has really gotten to that point. Relationships that I have grown over the years adn all the trust between peers and clients is going to be thrown away. So sad. However, I have accepted the fact that I am turning a page in my life and I look forward to building new relationships and breaking in new bosses. I do not wish my company ill but it is upsetting that business in my old company will never be the same . . . . and the pricks that have ruined it will waltz off in retirement with their millions of dollars. I am sorry for my friends and collegues at Plant Hatch. Life for everyone is changing.

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