Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OKAY . . . Who did it?

That's what I want to know . . . Who did it?

It is a head cold. Sore throat. Sniffles.

I feel fine but it always a pain having to deal with this kind of stuff. I'm doubling up on my vitamin C, doubling up on my hand washing, and I am not drinking out of my dogs bowl anymore!

Monday night I went out after dark and ran a nice hard 5 miler. No calf pain-Yippeee! Also did a light workout. Have to get back into my pattern of lifting on Mondays and Thursdays. I am also going to have to start using my trainer to start getting ready for biking season. I would really be set if I could just get my employer to pay me to train instead of work. Doubt that is going to happen!

BTW . . . did you notice that I am posting at 5:30 am? I've been in the office for about 45 minutes already. I got a call at 4:00 am from the plant with some questions so I decided to come on in. I love my job.


DawnB said...

hope you feel better

Anonymous said...

Good advice for whoever believes it, and will prove out to be true. What you think is what will be and what you are-- so (for goodness sakes) think on positive things.

Phil said...

I think there's a pandemic going on that no one is talking about. Seems half the folks I no have the same illness. You, D and I all suffering and fairly sure we haven't been in direct contact.

Hope you feel better soon and great news on the calf.